Data Use Requests

DiseaseSiteAbbr DescriptionRequestedByDate RequestedConference PresentationConference YearJournal Targeted
HNEvaluate practice patterns, dosimetry, toxicity, and clinical outcomes of patients undergoing proton therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma.Stokes, W3/31/2022PTCOG2023IJROBP (Red Journal)
EyeReview of outcomes of all patients with ocular melanomas treated at the NM Proton Center, for use in presentation at First International Proton Therapy Symposium, March 2022Hartsell, W1/10/2022First International Proton Therapy Symposium2022IJPT
Abdominal; PelvicEvaluate toxicity and efficacy outcomes of patients with abdominal and pelvic cancers who were treated with PT for reirradiation. This is a well-accepted reason for PT yet there are actually quite limited clinical outcomes data. Update to 2019 request.Chuong, M12/21/2021ASTRO2022IJROBP (Red Journal)
LymphomaTo evaluate use of PBS for EFRT among patients with lymphoma. We will study which patients are selected for treatment, technical considerations with using proton therapy, and comparative dosimetry with proton versus photon techniques for EFRT.Tseng, Y9/28/2021ASTRO; PTCOG2022 or 2023PRO; IJPT
EsophagusFeasibility, toxicity, tumor control, etc. associated with proton reirradiation for esophageal/GEJ cancer recurrence. Cumulative DVH data to be analyzed using DICOM-RT from initial and reirradiation courses. Updated for longer follow-up duration.Choi, I8/23/2021PTCOG2022IJROBP (Red Journal)
LungTo determine feasibility, toxicity, tumor control, and other relevant clinical outcomes associated with proton reirradiation for breast cancer recurrence. This request is for an updated database query to acquire longer median follow-up/late AEs.Choi, I7/27/2021PTCOG2022IJROBP (Red Journal)
Lung; Breast; ProstateCompile data on outcomes for breast, prostate, and lung cancer - OS, DFS, and Toxicities on patients with 8+ years from proton treatment. OKC only.Chang, J5/19/2021ASTRO; PTCOG2022IJPT
PancreasOutcome review (toxicity / survival) for patients receiving postoperative proton therapy for pancreas cancerNichols, R3/15/2021PTCOG NA2021IJROBP (Red Journal)
Lung; Esophagus; LymphomaTo prove the value of and validate Expert-Augmented Machine Learning that we have had piloted and published. Predict the risk of radiation pneumonitis and of esophagitis for patients treated with proton therapy for thoracic malignancies.Simone, C1/28/2021PTCOG2021IJROBP (Red Journal)
Anus Anal CanalAnalysis of clinical and dosimetric outcomes among anal squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with definitive chemoradiation using PBT. Exclude if received reirradiation and those who were not treated with definitive intent with at least 45 Gy.Chuong, M12/24/2020ASTRO; PTCOG2021PRO
PlasmacytomaSolitary plasmacytoma/multiple myeloma. This descriptive study seeks to characterize which patients are being selected for proton therapy, outcomes, and toxicity of treatment. A data request was previously submitted in 2017 and this is an update.Tseng, Y10/19/2020ASTRO2021PRO
PancreasEvaluate the outcomes and toxicity of proton therapy use for pancreatic cancer. Characterize toxicity rates and rates of local and regional control, PFS, and OS.Chhabra, A9/29/2020ASTRO2021IJROBP (Red Journal)
SkinClinical outcomes, oncologic and reported complication of patients with cutaneous non-melanomatous skin cancer with perineurial invasion following proton radiotherapy.Holtzman, A9/15/2020ASTRO2021IJROBP (Red Journal); Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal); Head & Neck
HNInvestigate efficacy of unilateral oropharynx proton radiation. Specifically report on local regional control, incidence of contralateral failure and toxicity.Deraniyagala, R7/18/2020PTCOG2021IJROBP (Red Journal); Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal)
CNSOutcomes and practice patterns for patients with brain metastases treated wtih proton beam therapy are not well known. The purpose of this study is to analyze outcomes (local control and toxicity) for patients with brain metastases treated with PBT.Mishra, M2/3/2020ASTRO2020SNO; IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSTreatment outcomes for craniopharyngioma and ependymomas. Update to previous request.Kotecha, R1/24/2020
All diseaseWe will like to have all pediatric data available for Mayo AZ. We will look at clinical outcomes and association with QOL.Daniels, T1/17/20202020
HNInvestigate the patterns of utilization, clinical outcomes, and toxicity of patients with mucosal melanoma of the head and neck region treated with proton therapy. Report outcomes in the definitive, post-operative, or salvage re-irradiation setting.Simone, C1/14/2020ASTRO2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateWe will like to have all prostate data available for Mayo AZ. We will look at clinical outcomes and association with QOL.Vargas, C1/8/2020ASTRO
LymphomaAnalyze the cohort of both HL and NHL patients registered in the PCG registry to elucidate PBT planning/delivery approaches used to address cardiorespiratory motion when targeting mediastinum and correlating it with toxicity and oncological outcomesMohindra, P12/31/2019ASTRO; PTCOG2020PRO
GynAnalyze PCG registry data for patients receiving PBT for gynecological cancers. Outcomes data: acute/late toxicity, cancer and survival status.Mohindra, P12/31/2019ASTRO; PTCOG2020Gynecological Cancer; IJPT
SarcomaEwing and Rhabdomyosarcomas treated with radiation therapy. Primary endpoint: clinical outcomes/acute toxicity. Secondary endpoints: % of pts treated with dose escalated radiotherapy to 64.8 Gy and % treated to non-standard Rt doses. Also IMRT data.Hall, M12/20/2019PTCOG2021IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateOverall results of protons for prostate cancer, evaluating survival, biochemical disease free survival, acute and late toxicity. To evaluate all PCG prostate cancer patients except those on active clinical trials.Hartsell, W11/26/2019IJROBP (Red Journal); PRO
HNThe purpose of this project is to review the clinical outcomes and toxicities of patients who received re-irradiation with proton therapy for H&N cancer, with a primary focus on patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx.Kole, A11/25/2019ASTRO; PTCOG NA2020IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal); PRO
CNSAdult Craniopharyngioma Outcomes Study- evaluate adults (>21yo) treated with proton radiotherapy for craniopharyngioma. Determine overall survival, disease free survival, local control, and treatment related side effects.Rutenberg, M10/25/2019ASTRO2020Journal of Neurooncology
LymphomaHodgkin lymphoma and NHL located in the head and neck region treated with PT to assess treatment related outcomes such as local control, regional control, distant control, survival as well as both acute and long term treatment-related toxicitiesMcGee, L10/23/2019PTCOG NA2020IJPT
SarcomaThe PCG registry will be surveyed for all retroperitoneal/pelvic sarcomas who have been treated with preoperative radiation therapy. The primary endpoint is acute GI toxicity observed during treatment.Hall, M10/14/2019ASTRO2020IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateInvestigate the correlation between overall treatment time and biochemical control, partitioning cohorts primarily by Gleason score.Hasan, S9/2/2019ASCO2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
HNInvestigate the use of post-operative proton therapy for head and neck cancers, inclusive of transoral robotic surgery (TORS) and open surgery, and evaluate associated toxicities and disease outcomes.Snider, J8/26/2019PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
LymphomaEvaluate all lymphoma patients (HL, NHL, relapsed/refractory) that received proton therapy to the mediastinum.Tseng, Y8/8/2019ASTRO2020IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
SalivaryUpdate the original analysis of salivary gland cancer to include any available photon patients to better show reductions in acute toxicity with PBT, and include a dosimetric analysis using DICOM RT data.Chuong, M7/29/2019ASTRO; PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
Anus Anal CanalUpdate Anal Canal request from Sept. 2018 to include DICOM data.Chuong, M7/8/2019PTCOG2019IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSAccess the toxicities, local control, progression free survival, and overall survival following proton reirradiation for patients with primary brain tumors who had in-field recurrences following an initial course of radiation therapy.Simone, C7/7/2019PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
BreastTo determine feasibility, toxicity, tumor control, and other relevant clinical outcomes associated with proton reirradiation for breast cancer recurrence.Choi, I7/6/2019PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateEvaluate all our prostate data to look at differences in QOL, toxicity and outcomes for our population for Mayo only.Vargas, C7/2/2019ESTRO2020
All diseaseAn analysis of patterns of PBT utilization across disease sites would be informative to identify areas of particular clinical interest as well as areas with potential clinical benefit that should be further studied.Chuong, M6/20/2019ASTRO; PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
Pelvic; AbdominalEvaluate toxicity, tumor control, and overall survival in patients who receive reirradiation to the abdomen/pelvis with proton therapy and photon therapy.Chuong, M6/20/2019ASTRO; PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
EsophagusA comprehensive analysis of outcomes in proton vs photon patients (toxicity, tumor control, survival, dosimetry), related to toxicity outcomes of esophageal cancer patients.Chuong, M6/20/2019ASTRO; PTCOG2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
BreastWe need all our breast data to look at differences in QOL, toxicity and outcomes for our population, for Mayo only.Vargas, C6/13/2019ASTRO2020
CNSEvaluate patients with craniopharyngioma under the age of 21 years old treated with proton therapy, including demographics, toxicities, outcomes, and treatment replans based on cystic changes to the mass. Northwestern Proton Center.Hartsell, W6/12/2019ASTRO2020IJROBP (Red Journal)
Rhabdoid (AT/RT)Evaluate the PCG registry for patients with atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor to assess treatment fields (local vs. CSI+local), dose delivered, toxicity, and outcomes. Proton therapy may minimize toxicities in young patients.Quinn, T6/10/2019PTCOG NA2019IJROBP (Red Journal); JAMA-ONC; JCO
LiverWe would like to evaluate the use of proton therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma (liver). Specific interests include: dose escalation, fractionation, outcome data and organ at risk dosimetric data.Quinn, T6/7/2019PTCOG NA2019IJROBP (Red Journal)
All diseaseDescribe the use of hypofractionated and stereotactic radiotherapy for patients treated with proton therapy to evaluate toxicity outcomes.Kotecha, R6/7/2019ASTRO; ISRSIJROBP (Red Journal)
Bile DuctEvaluate the use of proton therapy for liver cancer (HCC, intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma). Specific interests include: dose escalation, fractionation, outcome data and organ at risk dosimetric data.Quinn, T6/7/2019PTCOG NAIJROBP (Red Journal)
All diseaseEvaluate the effect of patients’ demographics, treatment, and CTCAE on OS for the entire cohort and by disease site; also, association between patient demographics and treatment with patient-rated and clinician-rated toxicity.Vargas, C2/26/2019ASTRO
All diseaseEvaluate overall survival and toxicity following proton or photon irradiation in patients with metastatic disease to bones, liver, lungs, adrenals, brain, lymph nodes, and/or orbit.Hyde, C12/24/2018ASTRO; PTCOG2019IJROBP (Red Journal); Journal of Clinical Onc
ProstateReview outcomes of proton SBRT for all patients with prostate cancer with the hypothesis that proton SBRT results in improved PROs compared to historical control data.Rwigema, J11/19/2018ASTRO; PTCOGIJROBP (Red Journal); PRO
All diseaseTo evaluate the local control and potential toxicity of definitive proton irradiation in cancer patients with oligometastatic spread (1-5 sites).Hyde, C10/29/2018ASTRO; PTCOG2019IJROBP (Red Journal); Journal of Clinical Onc
CNSEvaluate patients with newly diagnosed high grade glioma treated with proton beam therapy alone. We are looking at outcome and toxicity data.Vora, S10/12/2018IJROBP (Red Journal)
ColorectalOutcomes/toxicities in patients treated with protons fo rectal cancer with prior history of re-irradiation.Molitoris, J9/5/2018ASTRO2019IJROBP (Red Journal)
Anus Anal CanalReduced acute toxicity after proton versus photon chemoradiation for anal cancer.Chuong, M9/3/2018PTCOG2019IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateLocalized prostate cancer treated with curative intent at Mayo Clinic. We will analyze clinical outcomes, toxicities, and QOL.Vargas, C8/20/2018ASTRO; PTCOG2019
CNSStudy treatment patterns and clinical outcomes of meningiomas treated with proton beam therapy (PBT). We will focus on base of skull (BOS), recurrent, and grade II/III meningiomas as these groups have a stronger indication for PBT.Mishra, M7/18/2018ASTRO2019
EsophagusPerform analysis on all patients with esophageal tumors looking at clinical efficacy, toxicity, dose/dosimetric, correlations with #1 and #2, reirradiation patient outcomes.Choi, I7/7/2018ASTRO; PTCOG2019IJROBP (Red Journal); JCO; PRO
EsophagusPerform analysis on all patients with esophageal tumors looking at clinical efficacy, toxicity, dose/dosimetric, correlations with #1 and #2, reirradiation patient outcomes.Choi, I7/7/2018ASTRO; PTCOG2019IJROBP (Red Journal); JCO; PRO
All diseaseAnalyze the number of rescan/replans that were done , and highlight our workflow process on which types of patients we do regular scans, at what intervals, and how many of those resulted in adaptive replans.Schmidt, S5/23/2018PTCOG2019
All diseaseAnalyze the number of rescan/replans that were done , and highlight our workflow process on which types of patients we do regular scans, at what intervals, and how many of those resulted in adaptive replans.Schmidt, S5/23/2018PTCOG2019
ProstateCompare toxicity, QOL, and IPSS of patients treated in GU003 and the PCG registry to different doses. Also use the data of prostate patients in the registry with a potential minimum FU of 3-years.Vaipiwala, N; Vargas, C5/8/2018ASTRO; PTCOG2019
LungClinical outcomes following proton therapy for non-small cell lung cancer: description of survival as well as research or predictive factors for adverse Events (with an emphasis on esophagitis). IMRT-only patients will not be included.Rengan, R4/18/2018ASTRO; ESTRO; WCLC2019; 2020Advances in Rad Onc
ProstateEvaluate the PCG prostate cancer outcomes for patients treated primarily with proton therapy for prostate cancer, using the same criteria as the Medicare SEER study.Hartsell, W1/28/2018ASTRO2018IJROBP (Red Journal)
LungStudy the outcome of proton beam radiotherapy in pateints w/ locally advanced lung cancer w/ or w/o concurrent chemo and/or previous radiotherapy (Mayo AZ only).Sio, T1/15/2018ASTRO2018
Chordoma; SarcomaReview outcomes of PBT for skull base chondrosarcomas and chordomas at our institution. Looking at the differences in outcomes for passive vs. pencil beam scanning. Also, outcomes based on extent of surgery (Northwestern Proton (CHI) only).Sweeney, P11/13/2017Mayfield Clinics2018
HNPCG Sinonasal database. We only need an updated follow up of the patients that have already been analyzed in this database.Gamez, M; Patel, S11/2/2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
LungClinical outcomes of patients with recurrent lung cancer reirradiated with proton therapy.Badiyan, S11/1/2017ASTRO; PTCOG2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSAnalyze data from patients who have received protons for low-grade gliomas, benign brain tumors and malignant neoplasms (excluding high-grade gliomas).Kotecha, R9/15/2017ASTRO2018IJROBP (Red Journal)
HNMinimal acute toxicity in major salivary gland patients after proton beam therapy.Chuong, M9/15/2017ASTRO; PTCOG2018IJROBP (Red Journal)
BreastOutcomes of breast patients treated with proton therapy. Specifically, outcomes and techniques of Angiosarcoma patients; breast patients receiving re-irradiation to those not; pts receiving salvage protons.Niska, J; Vargas, C9/5/2017ASTRO2018Acta
BreastTo evaluate toxicities and clinical outcomes after accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) using proton beam therapy (PBT) for early breast cancer.Thorpe, C; Vargas, C9/1/2017ASTRO2019
ProstateReview the dose used, toxicity rates, and outcomes for post-op prostate patients; examine the toxicity and outcome for intact prostate patients treated w/ hypofractionated schedules.Kaiser, A8/28/2017ASCO2018Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal); IJROBP (Red Journal)
Myeloma; PlasmacytomaOutcomes and toxicity among multiple myeloma and solitary plasmacytoma pts treated w/ proton therapy.Tseng, Y8/10/2017Multiple Myeloma Journal
PancreasPostoperative proton therapy for pancreatic cancer patients enrolled on the Proton Collaborative Group (PCG) registry.Nichols, R8/8/2017ASCO; ASTRO; ESTRO; Pancreas Club; PTCOGIJPT; JCO
ProstateCompare toxicity and PROs for men receiving prostate radiation alone with both proton modalities (pencil beam scanning vs passive scatter). A secondary aim would be to compare outcomes for men treated with a rectal balloon, rectal spacer, or neither.Mishra, M6/19/2017ASTRO2018Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal); IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSStudying pediatric and adult medullablastoma patients treated with protons. We would report (1) rates, patterns of failure; (2) OS; (3) acute toxicity; (4) late taxicityTseng, Y6/6/2017ASTROIJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
BreastAcute toxicity analysis of the Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) Trial (BRE007)Chang, J6/1/2017PTCOG NA; San Antonio Breast Sym2017
All diseaseOral presentation to the National AAMD meeting entitled, "Proton vs Photon Therapy: Which Sites Benefit from Which?" (CHI only)Schmidt, S5/22/2017AAMD2017
ProstateAnalysis of Post Prostatectomy patients looking at PBS protons vs Rapid Arc vs Tomotherapy treatment plans (CHI only).Chang, J; Schmidt, S5/22/2017PTCOG NA2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateEvaluating rectal toxicity in prostate patients, looking at 1) incidence with rectal water vs balloon vs hydrogel 2) treatment of rectal bleeding (CHI only)Hartsell, W5/19/2017PTCOG; PTCOG NA2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSCompile PCG data on Demographics, Sites, Histologies, Treatments, Outcomes - Survival, Control and Toxicities for all Ayptical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor patients treated.Chang, J5/13/2017PTCOG; PTCOG NA2017, 2018IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
ThymomaRetrospective evaluation of patients with thymoma treated at PCG & UFPTI with proton therapy. Plan to review acute and late toxicities and disease specific outcomes among patients treated with thymic malignancies.Hoppe, B; Mercado, C5/9/2017ASTRO; PTCOG NA2017IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSAnalyzing the data from patients who have received proton beam therapy for high grade glioma to date as a historical control.Vora, S4/29/2017ASTRO2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSProton therapy patterns of care among pediatric and adult patients with CNS tumors with attention to the demographics and diagnoses/indications of patients receiving CNS-directed proton therapy.Halasz, L; Tseng, Y4/25/2017IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal); SNO
Chordoma; SarcomaLook at patients with sarcoma and chordoma receiving proton therapy and evaluate treatment outcomes and toxicities.Simone, C; Verma, V3/3/2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
LungEvaluate stage III NSCLC patients undergoing definitive treatment with chemo and proton radiation using a machine-learning analytic approach to identify factors predictive for survival and toxicity.Kunaprayoon, D2/23/2017PTCOG NA2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateToxicity, Quality-of-Life Outcomes, and Dosimetric Impact in Phase 3 Trial of Hypofractionated or Standard Fractionated Proton Therapy for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients: PCG GU 002Vargas, C2/21/2017Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal)
LymphomaProton Therapy for Lymphoma: A Multi-Institutional Patterns of Care StudyMohindra, P1/31/2017ASH; ASTRO2017IJROBP (Red Journal); Leukemia-Lymphoma
Anus Anal Canal; ColorectalClinical Outcome & toxicity for uniform scanning proton therapy of rectum & anus (OKC & NJ only).Zheng, Y1/26/2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
BreastClinical Outcomes of Breast Proton RadiotherapyFega;#23;#Vargas, C1/17/2017ASTRO2017
HNReview outcomes for primary & recurrent nasopharynx cancer treated with proton radiation (or reirradiation) - evaluate disease control and survival outcomes and toxicity.Rutenberg, M1/13/2017ASTRO2017Head & Neck; IJROBP (Red Journal)
LymphomaConsolidative proton therapy after chemotherapy for patients with Hodgkin lymphoma. Pub Med 2017.Hoppe, B1/1/2017Annals of Oncology
ProstateWe would like to compare toxicity, QOL (EPIC, SF 12), and IPSS of prostate patients treated in GU002 and the PCG registry to different doses.Vargas, C1/1/2017ASTRO; PTCOG2018
BreastComparison of acute toxicities between breast patients treated with pencil beam scanning (PBS) technology versus passive scatter; cosmesis and reconstructive results; DVH dataNichols, E12/27/2016ASTROIJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateAn evaluation of prostate volume and proton therapy-related toxicities (CHI only).Hartsell, W12/21/2016PTCOG NA2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateWe evaluated prostate size versus GU / GI complications in 2014. I would like to update for longer term follow-up. Will use the same group of patients as were studied in 2014 - just need to follow-up since then.Hartsell, W12/21/2016IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateReport on acute toxicities of WK's first ~100 proton prostate patients (baseline, on tx, 3-6 m fu).Barrow, B12/20/2016Proton Journal
ProstateReport on our institutional outcomes in treating prostate cancer with proton radiation (UW only).Zeng, J12/19/2016ASTROIJPT
BreastAcute and Late Toxicity of uniform scanning proton therapy for breast cancer patients (OKC only)Zheng, Y12/15/2016ASTRO; PTCOG2017
LymphomaRates of Toxicity and Outcomes after Mediastinal Proton Therapy for Relapsed/Refractory LymphomaTseng, Y12/15/2016ASTRO2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
GI; ProstateMinimal Toxicity After Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate and Pelvic Nodal Irradiation: Results from the Proton Collaborative Group REG001-09 trialChuong, M11/16/2016ASTRO; PTCOG2017Acta; IJROBP (Red Journal)
LungPatient, tumor and treatment characteristics/outcomes, including tumor recurrence, toxicity and death for patients with non-small cell lung cancer receiving re-irradiation with proton therapy who have previously undergone radiation to the thorax.Badiyan, S11/8/2016PTCOG
BreastReport on different breast cancer outcomes of patients treated with proton therapy. Local and regional control, distant failure, CSS, OS, timing of radiation, dose and techniques used. Toxicity and review plans for patients with grade 3+ toxicityVargas, C11/4/2016PTCOG; PTCOG NA2017
EsophagusOutcomes of esophageal patients treated with proton therapy. Local and regional control, distant failure, CSS, OS, adverse events. Radiation timing, dose, fields. Correlate toxicity with treatment plans.Sio, T11/4/2016PTCOG
HNSinonasal Cancer Patients Treated with Proton Therapy: The Proton Collaborative Group (PCG) ExperienceHaro, G; Patel, S11/4/2016PTCOG2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
All diseaseAnalyze outcome data of UK subjects treated at OKC onlyChang, A11/3/2016Other
ProstateUtilization of Machine Learning and Proton Collaborative Group Data to Develop a Model for Predictive Prostate Cancer Proton Radiotherapy ResponseRicks-Santi, L10/18/2016ASTRO2017IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateProton therapy for high risk (stage IIB or higher) prostate cancerHartsell, W8/17/2016ASTRO2016IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateAnalyze toxicity, QOL, dosimetric end points of GU002. The current analysis will not include the primary end point of the study.Vargas, C7/29/2016Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal)
All diseaseAnalysis of images and movie loops taken of patients treated with protons at Mayo AZ. Info to be shared w/ collatorators at Arizona State University.Vargas, C7/13/2016Other
CNSThis is an updated request. Determine patterns of failure & outcomes for low-grade glioma after proton therapy. Use PCG registry identify LGG patients who progressed after PT and determine recurrence location relative to original MRI/PT plan.Wilkinson, J7/8/2016ASTROIJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
LiverReport on the PCG Registry liver cancer experience including treatment regimen, disease control, overall survival, toxicity.Chuong, M6/20/2016PTCOG NA2016IJPT
ProstateEvaluating rectal toxicity in prostate patients, especially looking at (1) incidence with rectal water vs. balloon, vs. hydrogel (2) treatment of rectal bleedingHartsell, W6/16/2016PTCOG2016IJROBP (Red Journal)
All diseaseLooking at retreat patients treated in 2015 at the NM Chicago Proton Center, regarding different types of cancers that were re-irradiated and looking at the patients' performance status pre and post treatment.Schmidt, S6/13/2016PTCOG NA2016
EsophagusI would like to present our institutional data on outcomes from esophageal cancer treatment with proton radiation, and present our method of planning for these patients.Zeng, J2/19/2016ASTRO; PTCOG2016
LymphomaIn patients with a new diagnosis of NHL, to report oncological and toxicity outcomes with consolidation PBT usage based on patient demographics, anatomical site, number of involved sites, initial chemotherapy and PET response.Mohindra, P1/30/2016ASH2017IJROBP (Red Journal); Leukemia-Lymphoma
LymphomaProton Therapy Patterns-of-Care and Early Outcomes for Hodgkin Lymphoma: Results from the Proton Collaborative Group Registry. PTCOG 2016.Hoppe, B1/1/2016PTCOG2016Acta; IJPT
ProstateIntensity modulated proton therapy planning for low-risk prostate cancer based on proton collaborative group (PCG)-GU002-10 (NCT01230866) protocolRana, S1/1/2016PTCOG NA2016
CNSOutcomes and toxicity for meningiomas, proton vs photonMehta, M12/21/2015NeuroOncology; SNO
ProstateComparison of dosimetry and toxicity for prostate patients treated with Hydrogel vs. rectal balloon (002-CHI only)Conterato, J; McGee, L12/16/2015ASTRO; PTCOG NA2016IJPT
HNLong term outcome for Head & Neck cancer treated with protons.Chang, J12/11/2015ASTRO; PTCOG2016IJROBP (Red Journal)
EsophagusLimited Toxicity After Proton Beam Therapy for Esophageal Cancer: Outcomes from the Proton Collaborative GroupChuong, M12/9/2015ASTRO; PTCOG2016IJPT
LungClinical Outcomes of Patients with Stage II-III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Treated with Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) on the Proton Collaborative Group (PCG) Prospective Registry TrialBadiyan, S12/9/2015ASTRO2016IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
HNReview of all H&N patientsChang, J8/10/2015ASTRO; Head & Neck Sym; PTCOG2016Head & Neck; IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal)
LungReview of lung pts at OKCZheng, Y8/7/2015IJROBP (Red Journal); Med Physics
All diseaseI am proposing a single institution use of the data in the PCG study to assess tolerance of anesthesia with nasal cannula for respiratory support. We would only be looking at patients treated at SCCA proton therapy.Ermoian, R7/5/2015
BreastEvaluating toxcities outcome in patients receiving thoracic irradiation forMcGee, L6/18/2015ASTRO; PTCOG
BreastAcute Toxicity Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Adjuvant Proton TherapyMcGee, L6/14/2015
CNSReview of glioma pts to determine recurrence ratesWilkinson, J6/12/2015ASTRO2016Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal); IJROBP (Red Journal)
CNSValidate PROMIS measures in the pediatric brain tumor population. Clinical investigators can then monitor the long-term effects of treatment and compare the effectiveness of different treatments, ultimately resulting in improved care.Lai, J4/14/2015
LungReview all of the lung patients enrolled in the registry to determine why they were not eligible for the LUN005 study. The bigger picture here is to note how current clinical trials are perhaps overly exclusive when it comes to this patient population.Hoppe, B4/2/2015PTCOG2019
LungReview of enrolled lung pts to determine cause of LUN005 underenrollmentDunn, M; Hoppe, B; Simone, C4/2/2015WCLC2015
ProstateReview of prostate pts greater than 4 years post txVargas, C4/1/2015
ProstateClinical evaluation of prostate cancer patients with metallic hip prosthesis using anterior-oblique and lateral proton beamsRana, S3/23/2015AAPM2017
ProstateDosimetric and radiobiological impact of intensity modulated proton therapy and RapidArc planning for high-risk prostate cancer with seminal vesiclesRana, S3/23/2015Journal of Rad Sciences
ProstateInvestigate the correlation between clinical results, dosimetric results and radiobiological results for prostate cancer cases at ProCure OKC.Rana, S3/23/2015
BreastA Clinical Outcomes after Proton Partial Breast Radiotherapy for Early Stage- Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer: 3-Year Outcomes of a Phase II TrialChang, A2/17/2015ASTRO; PTCOG2015
PancreasReview toxicity and outcomes for patients receiving proton therapy for pancreatic cancer in the PCG Registry.Nichols, R2/13/2015ASTRO; PTCOG2015IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateProstate cancer patients involving metallic hip prosthesis. (1) Investigate the correlation between clinical results and dose-volume histogram (DVH) parameters. (2) Investigate how radiolobiological results are related to the clinical results.Rana, S1/20/2015PTCOG2015IJPT
All diseaseA review of all potential registry patients who were not enrolled to determine causes of non-enrollment. Reasons for non-enrollment will be categorized and any trends indicating potential selection bias will be noted.Dunn, M1/19/2015PTCOG2015
Prostatetoxicity in post prostetectomy pts. CHI onlyMcGee, L12/17/2014PTCOG2015
ProstateWe will be evaluating the quality of life surveys of the men treated with prostate cancer with proton therapy who are on the PCG registry. Specifically, comparison of urinary and bowel function prior to treatment, with those after treatment.Chang, A12/12/2014PTCOG2015
ProstateReview acute and late toxiciites for patients treated with protons for prostate cancer using either a rectal balloon or free waterRisberg, E12/9/2014PTCOG2015
CNSThe primary objective is to look at incidences of grade 3 or higher radiation necrosis of the brainstem in patients <18 years of age who completed treatment on or before July 1, 2014.Hartsell, W9/1/2014PTCOG NA
ProstateHypofractionated vs. standard fractionated proton beam therapy for low risk prostate cancer: Interim results of a randomized trial- PCG GU002. PTCOG 2015.Vargas, C6/23/2014PTCOG; PTCOG NA2015
BreastReview of acute toxicities in breast cancer patients treated with IBLMcGee, L5/30/2014PTCOG2014
CNSAnalysis of progression patterns and rates following proton therapy for low grade gliomaGondi, V5/27/2014ASTRO2015SNO
CNSA review of all ATRT patientsChang, J2/20/2014PTCOG2014
All diseaseValidation of PROMIS measures using regsitry data for patients enrolled in both trialsLai, J1/30/2014ASTRO2014
Chordoma; ProstateReview of treatment methods such as uniform scanning and pencil beam scanning, Comparison of patients treatment times and plans for prostate and chordoma patients. (002-CHI Only)DeLongpre, R1/21/2014ASTRO2014
HepatobiliaryReview outcomes efficacy and toxicity (acute and late) of patients with unresectable cholangiocarcinomas.McGee, L1/17/2014ASTRO2014
GI; Prostate; CNSEvaluating GI/GU toxicities in spinal cord treatment patients that are not receiving chemotherapy (002-CHI Only)Jefferis, J1/17/2014ASTRO2014SNO
All diseaseFrequency and severity of dermatitis in uniform scanning vs. PBSRendall, R1/13/2014
ProstateReview of urinary and rectal symptoms for prostate patients.Rendall, R1/3/2014
Lung; ProstateDosimetric study of PT planning comparison w IMRT and VMAT. Includes CT data involving 1) high risk prostate cancer cases 2) 4 prostate cases involving hip prosthesis and 3) 1 bilateral lung cancer case.Rana, S12/30/2013AAPM2014IJPT; JACMP; PRO
HNWe would like to look at Head & Neck patients that had PEG tubes placed during proton treatment. Also, we would like to look at adverse events before & after PEG placement.Woods, C12/24/2013ASTRO2014
GI; ProstateTo review EPIC toxicity data (GU, GI, erectile function, overall QOL) for prostate patients treated at our center and to assess if outcomes differ by prostate size.Goenka, A12/20/2013ASTRO2014IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateReview long term outcomes and toxicity of patients receiving proton therapy for prostate cancer; review PSA decline and nadir times following protonsHartsell, W12/19/2013PTCOG NA2014IJPT; PRO
CNSDeveloping treatment strategies for craniospinal irradiation looking at immobilzation techniques and pencil beam scanningKeole, S12/18/2013ASTRO2014IJPT; IJROBP (Red Journal); PRO
Chordoma; SarcomaPT for chordomas and chondrosarcomas of skull base and axial skeleton. Tu control, survival and side effectsHug, E12/17/2013ASTRO; NASBS; PTCOG2014IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateComparision of self-report (QoL) depression scores pre and post treatment among prostate cancer patientsDunn, M12/6/2013ASCO; ASTRO; ONS2014
Eye3d planning of occular melanoma casesHartsell, W11/7/2013AAMD2014
BreastComprehensive breast planning - case studiesSchmidt, S10/25/2013AAMD; PTCOG2014
All diseaseDevelop a near-real time outcomes monitoring system. The purpose of this data request is to validate a proposed approach to automatically identify treatment specific patient cohorts and displaying toxicity data as a time series.Christodoeleas, J9/26/2013Other
LungGiving a local talk about treating lung patients at the OKC centerPrabhu, K9/9/2013Other
ProstateRetrospective review of outcomes and toxicity for patients with prostate cancer treated with anterior oriented beamsCouran, J8/29/2013Acta; Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal); IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateWe would like to review the initial outcomes for prostate cancer for men who are >2 years from end of treatment (so end of treatment Aug 2011 or earlier) - I estimate 200-250Keole, S8/25/2013ASTRO2014IJROBP (Red Journal); PRO
LungWe would like to review the initial outcomes for lung cancer treated with protons. Control, surival and toxicity. Also need for replanning during RT.Keole, S8/25/2013ASTRO2014IJROBP (Red Journal); PRO
All diseaseUse of data for pulling grade 3 and higher events for M&M conferences being held qtrly at Procure.Hug, E7/16/2013
All disease; Prostate2 Requests in one. Use the same data for published proton TLD paper for getting the planning parameters for proton IMPT prostate planning.Hug, E6/6/2013AAPM2013Med Physics
CSICSI BST Eval using PBSSiddiqui, M2/13/2013PTCOG2013
PancreasPancreas sparing during CSIGans, S2/13/2013ASTRO2013
BreastSimulation, Tx planning and Tx delivery of the breast/chest wall using uniform scanning proton beam therapySchmidt, S2/12/2013AAMD; ASRT2013
LungUse 10 patients lung clinical data to collaborate on project with UPenn retreatment protocol patients. Chicago only.Hartsell, W2/6/2013ASCO; ASTRO2013
EyePresentation of occular tumors treated with PT for ASRTTatum, T1/25/2013ASRT2013
EyeCiliary Body Sparing for Ocular Melanoma with 3D PlanningHartsell, S1/14/2013PTCOG2013
CNSMedulloblastoma PT tx may reduce risk of long term IDDMGondi, V12/18/2012ASTRO2013IJROBP (Red Journal)
ProstateBasically a follow-up to Keole's 2012 ASTRO presentation. Prostate ca pts with at least 1 year follow up looking at dx perimeters (PSA, Gleason, Stage), demographics (age, race), QOL, pre and post PSAHartsell, W12/18/2012ASTRO2013
Prostate(1) Comparison of standard 8 week PT outcomes with a more cost-effective and potentially more effective hypofractionated proton therapy (6 week course). (2) Comparison of PT QoL outcomes with intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).Hartsell, W; Hoppe, B12/11/2012Other
ProstateOverall data to be able to present number of patients, risk factors (PSA, Gleason’s score), demographics (age, race), acute toxicity, QoL; general info to counsel patientsCersonsky, N11/28/2012ASTRO2013
CNSReview toxicities & control rates for skull base tumors, menengiomas & cavernous sinus tumorsLarson, G9/10/2012IJROBP (Red Journal)
HNPlanning of techniques of proton boost for treating oropharnyx tumors of head & neck cancers.Hsi, W3/1/2012AAPM; ASTRO
CNSCraniopharyngioma outcomes. 15 patientsKeole, S2/15/2012ISPNO2012
LymphomaLymphoma, thynoma, thoracic malignancy planning study of IMRT vs PBRTChang, J2/14/2012PTCOG2012
ProstateEvaluation of up to 10 patients who were simulated and contoured for the GU002-10 trial. Will evaluate the differences in amounts of bone marrow irradiation comparing protons to IMRT plans when treating to 79.2 Gy in 44 fractionsYajnik, S2/9/2012ASTRO; PTCOG
ProstatePoster for AAMD describing the technique for the treatment of high risk prostate w pelvic nodes using a fixed horizontal proton beam lineSchenkenfelder, P2/8/2012AAMD2012
BreastComparative study evaluating the use of uniform scanning PBT, helical photon therapy and electronic compensation using photon therapy for treating a pt with left sided chest wall, supraclavicular and internal mammary lymph nodal treatment volumesSchmidt, S2/7/2012ASTRO; PTCOG2012
CNSExamining uniform scanning PBT combined with 6 Mev EBT to deliver 50 CGE with a SIB for pediatric orbital rhabdomyosarcomaSchmidt, S2/7/2012ASTRO; PTCOG2012
All disease; ProstateContrast endorectal balloon in post prostatectomy proton therapy alignment.Rendall, R1/30/2012ASRT; ASTRO; PTCOG2012
ProstateInitial Outcomes for Men with Prostate Cancer treated with Uniform Scanning Proton TherapyKeole, S10/20/2011ASTRO; PTCOG2012
All diseaseTx plan comparison book.Blair, A5/25/2011
ProstateInitial Toxicities of Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Active Beam Scanning Proton TherapyKeole, S3/15/2011ASTRO2012
CSIData from 3 patients from Chicago and 3 patients from OKC. They were all CSI patients treated in the prone position to look at dosimetry planning, DVHs, treatment setup and times/efficiency. This is a proof in principle study looking at IBL use for CSI.Chang, J3/1/2011
HepatobiliaryEvaluate efficacy and toxicity outcomes for patients with HCC.Chuong, M6/3/2022ASCO2023Radiotherapy & Onc (Green Journal)
All diseaseReview of hypofractionated and stereotactic radiation for liver metastases treated with proton beam therapy.Rao, A5/25/2022ASTRO; PTCOG2023IJROBP (Red Journal)
ThymomaClinical outcomes of patients with thymic malignancies treated with proton therapy (last reviewed early 2017, now with dosimetric/DVH data) specifically looking at disease/survival endpoints, toxicity, patterns of failure, and dosimetry correlatesTian, S4/25/2022PTCOG2023IJROBP (Red Journal)
SarcomaEwing and Rhabdomyosarcomas treated with RT. Primary endpoint is acute toxicity observed during tx. Secondary endpoints include % of patients treated with dose escalated radiotherapy beyond conventional doses and % treated to non-standard radiation dosesHall, M12/8/2022PTCOG2023IRROBP (Red Journal); IJPT
All diseaseThere are increasing indications for para-aortic RT in patients with regional and distant lymph node dissemination of cancer. RT to the para-aortic lymph nodes is associated with increased risk of toxicity due to dose to the liver, bowel etc.Shen, X5/31/2023PTCOG2023ASCO
ProstateI would like to evaluate the GI/GU toxicity rate for patients receiving proton therapy to pelvic nodes compared to those receiving prostate only radiation.Hasan, S7/13/2023ASTRO; PTCOG2024IJROBP (Red Journal)